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Reviewed: August 2000
Released: 2000, Stentorian Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: EvilG

For an unsigned band this is some really good material. These guys have their stuff totally down. Spirit Web are from Chicago and their bio claims that it’s members are from a bunch of well known Chicago metal bands…well they are not well-known to me and I would surmise to most outside of the Chicago metal scene. The bands driving force is a combination of guitarist and founder Paul Speredes and vocalist and Scott Huffman. This is US styled power metal that is in the vein of Steel Prophet, a style of metal that doesn’t get the attention is deserves over here!

The first element that grabs you on the opening track “Ghostly Chill” (after a short, and to some extent, unnecessary intro) is the killer drums then the vocals cut in and it’s like wow! Vocalist, Scott Huffman, sounds like a cross between Michael Kiske and Bruce Dickinson. He’s not to their level yet, but if he keeps working on it he could get there. This music goes from the melodic and intricate clean guitar sections to more aggressive heavier parts. This combination is the strong point on the track “Cut You Loose.” The solo section of this track has some great drums under it that ups the intensity of the track. The solos are for the most part SHREDDING! The lead guitar tone seems a bit shrill to me, but this guy can rip! “Osiris Be Thy Judge” begins with an ghostly harmony vocal part then the song slams in with it’s riffing a la Kind Diamond’s “Egypt”!!! The only track that kind of lost me was “Once Beyond” – it’ s a bit too “dreamy” sounding and in parts is somewhat dragged out. The song is also kinda long, clocking in at over 8mins so it does have it’s moments especially near the end. The CD’s last track “Reflections and Sighs” begins with a clean section that is somewhat suggestive of the moody, acoustic with vocals, stuff that Nevermore does. The vocals are (at least) doubled up and they really shine!

Spirit Web have created a CD that will make repeated trips to my CD player. It’s always refreshing to hear a true metal band from the US since this style of metal is not as prominent. If the right ears in Europe hear this band I’m sure they’ll have a loyal following before long.


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