Rorschach Test – Peace Minus One

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Reviewed: August 2000
Released: 2000, E-Magine
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: Rick

Yet again we have another hybrid. This time it is industrial, techno and metal. Sometimes they work as in the case of White Zombie, but most of the time they don’t. And in this case it doesn’t. Rorschach Test are originally from Denver, Colorado but moved to Seattle to take advantage of the exploding grunge scene. The band was formed by James Baker, a former seminary student who was excommunicated from the church for heresy after questioning church policies and doctrines. In Seattle Rorschach Test hooked up with Queen and Judas Priest producer Neil Kernon to produce their second CD entitled “Unclean” , the first being 1996 debut release “The Eleventh.” Kernon also produced this CD which was released in April. Also notable is that Jeff Loomis of Nevermore plays guitar on this disc.

The CD opens up with “A Toast” which is a more straight ahead song than many others on the disc. It only uses keyboards for atmosphere and as such doesn’t depend on a multitude of electronic noises as many of the other tracks. The title track is up next and reminds me of Prong crossed with Rammstein. “Shocking” changes gear with a catchy guitar riff but the song is cluttered up with weird electronic pops and weird spoken dialogue. The track “Satan” from the bands previous Cd is included and is one of the better tracks on the disc. “Rollercoaster” has a nice Pantera-ish bridge but doesn’t carry it any further.

I have never been a big fan of metal hybrids. That being said I do like Monster Voodoo Machine, White Zombie and Prong the latter of which used some techno and industrial on their disc “Cleansing” This disc however, outside of a few good moments, just doesn’t do a lot for me. The production is great which is a positive but I found too many of the songs sounded to similar to one another. If the techno elements were dropped from the music and Jeff Loomis was allowed more freedom on guitar then Rorschach Test could be a force but the industrial and techno add ons just take away from the music.


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