Michael De Los Muertos – Fire, Metal, Blood and Money (Book Review)

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Reviewed: August 2000
Released: 2000, Buffalo Fetus Productions
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: Rick


Modern Metal-themed, horror/mystery story set in Oregon involving a crew of identifiable metal characters

This book was reviewed in last months Metal Rules!! but I just had to get in my 2 cents worth.

Fire, Metal, Blood and Money was written by a metal fan for metal fans. To me reading is a winter activity. When the nights are long and I can’t do my favorite outdoor activities I like to put some metal on the stereo and read a good book. Let me tell you, this is one GREAT book! I started to read it and I just couldn’t put it down. Even though the weather was beautiful outside I forgot all about it and got enthralled in the story. Michael De Los Muertos has created a great mystery that revolves around the Portland metal scene and the burning of a Church. The characters he creates are very easily identifiable to any metal fan and for me make the story that much more enjoyable as I can easily identify with them all. Not that this book wouldn’t appeal to anyone outside the metal culture as you really don’t have to be a metal freak to enjoy this novel. The story is written well enough that no knowledge of metal is need to make the book an enjoyable read. I’m not going to drag this out cause EvilG and Joe have already done reviews but all I have to say is. \”Read this book!!!!!!!\”

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Publisher: Independent
Pages: 224