Jacobs Dream – Jacobs Dream

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Reviewed: August 2000
Released: 2000, Metal Blade
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Rick

Imagine the vocals of Bruce Dickinson with just a pinch of Geoff Tate and a dash of Geddy Lee. Now imagine that Queensryche hadn’t started down the Grey road to the new Seattle sound. Instead they meandered a little farther down the dark metal path, took a left turn at Powermetal Road and took a room at Maiden Inn. Here we stand at what is the new CD from one of North American metals great new bands. These guys play classic metal with a slight progressive feel with a small amount of powermetal influence. What they create is a great sound that is not quite like anyone else out there today. I first heard an mp3 from these guys and immediately went out and bought the CD. What struck me first were the vocals of David Taylor. This guy has one great set of pipes and along with Gary Holtzman- Guitar , Rick May – Drums, John Berry -Guitar and Synth and James Evans- Bass they create a metal cd that at once is classic but fresh.

The Opening track “Kinescope” is a vehicle for the vocals of Taylor. He exercises his vocal chords on this mid tempo track as the guitars shred out some tasteful and not too over the top solos. “Scapegoat” is a dirty riff laden track that carries the message that parents are the ultimate influences in their children’s lives and that they can’t blame everything that happens to their kids on music and movies. “Mad House of Cain” is an eerie atmospheric piece that leads into “Tale of Fear” This is a great classic metal track in the vein of Iron Maidens “Hallowed Be Thy Name”. As the title suggest the lyrics allude to the evil that tempted Cain and set the world on the road to ruin. My favorite track on the CD. “Crusade” is a great track about the blind devotion expected of certain religions. This is one of the better songs on this great CD as it contains some great vocal and guitar work. “Love and Sorrow” is more melodic track in the vein of “Warning” era Queensryche. The ballad “Bleeding Tree” is not your typical boy girl love story but instead centers around lions, serpents and copious amounts of blood.

I can’t say enough good things about this CD. Jacobs Dream take their influences and melt them into a classic yet fresh sound that stands apart from many of the other bands on the metal scene today. The manage to make every song on the CD its own distinct creation. Jacobs Dream look like they are well on their way to establishing themselves as a powerhouse metal act and are one of those great bands that is helping to put North American Metal back on the map.


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