Gorefest – Chapter 13

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Reviewed: August 2000
Released: 1998, Steamhammer/SPV (Now available in North American in 2000)
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: EvilG

This CD is a couple of years old, but since it is only now being made available in North America by SPV I decided to review it. It’s kinda sad to point out that this band is no more. After approximately nine years of increasingly popular albums this Dutch band called it quits in late 1998. They leave us with five studio albums, a live album, an EP and this, their last album, Chapter 13. Gorefest were a death metal band, but on Chapter 13 they went the way of Entombed sounding more like a death rock band. I’m sure many of their hard core death metal fans didn’t follow them down this road but to be honest Chapter 13 is a decent CD!

The guitar sound on this is dirty, gritty and down-tuned. For the most part the vocals are semi-death metal without being too abrasive. You can hear all the instruments on this, including the bass. Some of the songs on it that stood out to me include “Nothingness” which is a cross between Sabbath and Entombed. “Smile” is so down-tuned that I can picture the guitar strings practically hanging off the guitar neck. I don’t usually like severely down-tuned stuff that much, but this sounds great and does not turn into mud. This song also has a different partly spoken chorus that sounds very depressive. The opening and CD title track “Chapter 13” is the strongest song on the CD. “F.S. 2000” (Freakshow 2000) is kind of different – like a heavy AC/DC kind of song. “Burn Out” again shows the band’s Sabbath influence, especially on the the chorus.

I have no idea what the members of Gorefest are up to these days. I was kind of surprised that they packed it in after this album, just after I had really heard about them! So while it’s available, be sure to check out this CD.


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