Decillion – Entropy

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Reviewed: August 2000
Released: 2000, Chaos Consortium Network
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Rick

Mellow, dreary, moody, bed time, progressive metal. That is the only way I can describe this CD by Canadian metal act Decillion. Entropy is a collection of moody, laid back tracks that create an atmosphere of darkness and dread. In the words of the band, the songs on the CD are “Symbolic of humanity’s struggle to tame the demon within, Entropy is the dark measure of one’s own purity.” The CD is split into 3 “Gates” Each (except the first) containing a number of tracks. The disc opens with the track “Sea of Uncertainty”. This song is a little different than most in that it does not contain any vocals but instead contains the radio announcement of the Hindenberg Zeppelin crash. Everyone has heard the immortal line “Oh… The humanity!!!!!” a million times even if they didn’t realize where its origins lie. A very interesting track. “Into The Void” is up next and is one of the better songs on the CD. Vocalist Jesse Lacharite does some of his best work on the CD on this track. “Cold Metal Frame” is one of the heavier and faster tracks on the disc and clocking in at only 2:48 it is also the shortest. “Narcolepsy” is one of the more dreary tracks on the CD and is slightly reminiscent to old Alice in Chains minus the alternative leanings. Other stand out tracks include “Truth and the Judgement” which contains a great lead guitar work by Pierre Spenard and Jesse Lacharite, The title track and the nineteen plus minute “In My Ashes” which is akin to a slightly less trippy “The Gathering”.

Decillion seem to have a good future ahead of them but they also need a little bit of work. I found the songs to be kind of similar in places. This is a very small complaint and I am sure that time will correct this minor problem. Decillion do not play progressive metal in the vein of Elegy or Dream Theater but if you are into the darker side of the progressive metal coin, then keep an eye on these up and coming Canadians.


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