Michael De Los Muertos – Fire, Metal, Blood and Money (Book Review)

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Reviewed: July 2000
Released: 2000, Buffalo Fetus Productions
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: Joe


Finally… A novel about metalheads that was written by an actual metal fan! How many books (or movies for that matter) have been written in the past by someone who doesn\’t have a damn clue about Heavy Metal and its fans? Pardon my French, but… TOO FUCKING MANY!!!

Thankfully, the characters in Fire, Metal, Blood, and Money don\’t fall victim to typical Heavy Metal stereotypes. I think if they had been portrayed as \”violent drug abusing Satan loving sex fiends\” I would\’ve puked all over the pages. Not only is the story is both well thought out and well written, but it managed to maintain my interest enough that I read it in only two days.

When I finished it, I first thought that some parts of the plot line were a little far-fetched. But I then quickly realized that all it would take is one sick mind and something similar to what happens in the story could easily happen in real life. A scary thought, indeed.

The only \”error\” I found in the book was the mislabeling of a particular car part. From page 175… \”…the side of the passenger\’s seat, a good foot or two away from the drive shaft.\” I apologize for seeming overly picky, but the part in question is the steering column. The drive shaft runs from the transmission to the rear axle on the underside of a vehicle. (I work at a garage, otherwise I wouldn\’t have noticed…) Other than that minor detail, I was impressed by the overall accuracy of everything described in the book. I was also impressed that www.metal-rules.com even got a mention on page 153. It\’s nice to know that our work here doesn\’t go unnoticed. 😉

All in all, a very enjoyable read. Congratulations to you, Mr. De Los Muertos for a job well done. I hope to read more Metal related books from you in the future.

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