Iron Maiden – Brave New World

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Reviewed: June 2000
Released: 2000, Portrait/Columbia (EMI Music in Canada)
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: EvilG

A band that defines metal and has inspired countless legions of bands from power metal all the way to black metal, Iron fucking Maiden, are back and I love it! This CD has been hyped to death and I’ve been drooling, waiting for it’s arrival since last year when I read that both VOCAL GOD Bruce Dickinson and guitarist Adrian Smith were returning to Maiden.

The first track on the CD “Wicker Man” which has a verse riff that sounds like classic Maiden (you know the three chord E, C, D progression). It’s the chorus that lifts this song to new levels (“Your time will come!”). Bruce’s vocals are of course the big thing here. You know right away that the chemistry that these guys had is back. The CD’s second track “Ghost of The Navigator” is also another of my favorites as is the title track “Brave New World.” To me Nikko’s drumming sounds better than ever on this CD. No, it’s not over the top with double kick drums (although there is a little of that) this is tasty drumming with time changes and played with total class. The solos are also done excellently, the return of Adrian Smith can be heard. He has obviously improved his lead playing in recent years. “Dream of Mirrors” begins with Bruce following the guitar then makes it’s way into an classic maiden sounding clean part that sounds like it could of been on Piece of Mind. Another track on Brave New World that stood out for me was “Out of the Silent Planet” – Bruce’s vocals on the chorus sounds like they were at least doubled up and all I can say is WOW!

The only song on the CD that didn’t do a lot for me is “Blood Brothers.” There are very few criticisms I can make of this CD. One minor complaint is that many of the songs start with an intro before getting into the song. That’s fine for a couple of songs but not the majority of them. Also, with three guitars, I expected more things in the way of three part harmonies or three part harmony leads. There is little of that unfortunately. This is not quite as good as what I consider the best Maiden albums – Powerslave and Piece of Mind but it’s damn close and will be held in very high esteem by me and for sure by most maidenheads.

If you don’t like Iron Maiden, to me you are not much of a metalhead. Every metal fan I know likes this band. If you think these guys are washed up, you are sorely wrong. This is energetic, intelligent metal written by one of the world’s best bands who are back in a big way to face a Brave New World. Any doubters out there have now been silenced with this CD, proving that Maiden can, and have, conquered again. Up the Irons!!!


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