Soliwork – The Chainheart Machine

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Reviewed: February 2000
Released: 2000, Century Media
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: EvilG

Can you say ” In Flames Arch Enemy”….go ahead – say it really fast. Sounds just like SOILWORK doesn’t it ha! Well probably not, but man do these guys owe a lot to those two bands. Being mentioned in the same breath as these bands is no coincidence because Soilwork are also from Sweden and they are actually as good as these aforementioned bands!! This CD was also produced by the master himself – Fredrik Nordstorm (In Flames, Dark Tranquility, Arch Enemy, Armageddon). “The Chainheart Machine” is actually Soilwork’s second CD, the first being 1998’s “Steel Bath Suicide.”

Soilwork’s strength lie with their guitars – the riffs are brutal a la In Flames / Arch Enemy and the solos would make the Amott brothers very proud!! One of the CD’s more exciting tracks is “Millionflame.” The intro riff to this track will have any metalhead in metal heaven. The solo section of ” Millionflame” even has an influx of Sabbath with a grooving doomy riff. I love “Neon Rebels” – especially the chorus, memorable. One major thing that makes these SIX (yeah you read that right -SIX!) guys who call themselves Soilwork so cool is that they not only have the sound and the chops but they know something about an often overlooked ingredient in extreme metal – dynamics. It’s as important to have a song that is relentless like “Chainheart Machine” and then something that is more mid-tempo and melodic like “Spirits of the Future Sun.” The keyboards add a nice touch, but never over power the guitars which for me is a good thing. So expect lots of great solos, both ripping and melodic, and lots of thrashy riffs and fast harmony styled riffs.

If you like this “Gothenburg sound” or the style that some refer to as the new wave of Swedish death metal, then your collection will not be complete unless you own this CD. Get it, love it, or rot! For more info check the official page at


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