Breach – It`s Me God

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Reviewed: February 2000
Released: 2000
Rating: 0.5/5
Reviewer: EvilG

Can someone please tell me what Metal Blade were thinking when they signed these guys? I can name several unsigned bands that would love nothing more than to be signed to Metal Blade!! This band is so boring I couldn’t even listen to every song. I had to skip to the next track a number of times because it was so annoying to try and listen to. According to the band’s bio they mix “post-hardcore fury” with metal. Well first off, what kinda crap is post-hardcore fury? I’ll tell ya one thing, metal ’tis not. This is not metal nor is it hardcore, to me it’s just noise. Their bio mentions old school Voi Vod as a key influence. Well, I actually am a big fan of Voi Vod, have all their CD’s, and I hear nothing intricate or experimental or Voi Vodian about this band. I don’t know who out there would like this. Fans of metal won’t and I doubt there are many hardcore fans that will like it because the vocals sound like someone screaming and vomiting at the same time – no that’s not as funny as it might sound, imagine a hardcore freak tiring to sing like he’s all evil and into black metal…yeah it just doesn’t work. Some of this material could possibly be salvageable if it had a real singer, lead guitars and properly sounding instruments. The guitars are all loose sounding and lack any tightness with the drums. Not only is the music lame, so is the CD layout. The cover is as boring as it gets and the inside are just a bunch of artsy fartsy pictures with artsy fartsy subtitles like “my only name is you” and “in that realm, there’s no expansion” …..get real, and get this out of my CD player!


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