D.A.D. – Everything Glows

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Reviewed: January 2000
Released: 2000, EMI
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

The Danish band D.A.D (Disneyland After Dark) released their debut in 1989, it was called CALL OF THE WILD and the music can best be described as crazy country/punk/hardrock. Through out the years D.A.D has developed musically and now you can’t be to sure of what you’re going to get music wise with the band. Their music has changed quite a lot but they has always stuck to hardrock more or less. It’s been the same line up until the SIMPATICO album in 1998. After that tour the drummer Peter Jensen left D.A.D and was replaced by Laust Sonne.

Nick Foss has produced this album (he also produced SOFT DOGS from 2002).The production is impressive and really good. All of the 11 tracks are written by the Binzer brothers along with Stig Pedersen. D.A.D took the bridge over to Sweden and recorded it in Tambourine Studios in Malmö, where a lot of famous Swedish pop bands has recorded their albums.

It starts with the title track. It has a calm intro with only vocals and guitar before rest of the band joins in. It’s melodic hardrock with an impressive guitar play by Jacob.“Nineteenhundredandyesterday” could easily have fitted in on the new album “Soft Dogs”. It’s also melodic hardrock. “The Road Below Me” and “Evil Twin” sounds like the old D.A.D. It’s more party rock n´roll/hardrock. There are also two ballads-“Something Good” and “I\’m Not The Same”. Jesper impresses a lot with his amazing voice, he as an incredibly wide vocal range. “Sunstar” and “Candybar” are two more melodic hardrock tracks. “A Kiss Between The Legs” is a more up tempo ballad. In “Summer Me Soon” Jalle from Wilmer X (a Swedish rock band) helps out on harp to add some strength to the song. “As Common As” is a nice ballad who finishes of this strong album.

On EVERYTHING GLOWS you can sense that D.A.D was headed to the more melodic hardrock sound that they have on SOFT DOGS. D.A.D is one of the best bands from Denmark. They are a great live act, they are one of the best live acts there is actually. No matter what they’re doing they are always going to be one of my favorite bands.


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Track Listing:
The Road Below Me
Something Good
Evil Twin
A Kiss Between The Legs
I’m Not The Same
Summer Me Soon
As Common As

Jacob Binzer – Guitar, Keyboard, Backup Vocals
Stig Pedersen – Bass, Backup Vocals
Jesper Binzer – Lead Vocals, Guitar
Laust Sonne – Drums, Backup Vocals