Bruce Dickinson – Scream For Me Brazil

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Reviewed: December 1999
Released: 1999, Sanctuary Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Joe

Before I begin, I have to ask… What the HELL was Bruce thinking when he okayed this cover art??? A piranha on a plain green background? Pa-leez!!! Granted, piranha are indigenous to South America where this disc was recorded (hence, the significance of the little critter), but I think a little more thought could’ve gone into what went on the cover. Let’s just hope whoever’s responsible doesn’t have any input on the cover art for the new Iron Maiden disc.

Anyway, crappy cover art aside, this is a great disc as far as live albums go. But like most live albums, there’s really nothing new to offer the listener. The CD consists of seven tracks from The Chemical Wedding, three from Accident of Birth, and two from Bruce’s solo debut, Balls to Picasso. (For those who are fans of the Skunkworks CD… I guess it’s tough noogies for you!)

The overall production on Scream For Me Brazil is fantastic. I read somewhere recently that Bruce wanted the mix to sound as close as possible to what he (as the singer) hears when he’s on stage. Every instrument, vocal line, and audience response can all be easily heard with perfect clarity without any one overshadowing another. The bands’ performance is flawless as well, with nary a mistake to be heard. Sound-wise, this is about as good as live recordings get.

If I had to make one complaint (aside from the cover art), it would have to be the audience singing along on “Tears of the Dragon”. That song is the main reason I bought this disc, since I don’t have a copy of Balls to Picasso. I did have it many moons ago, but ended up trading it for Carcass’ Heartwork (I just couldn’t get into it). Anyway, it would’ve been nice to hear Bruce singing that one “unaided”. But other than that… Me like… Me like much. So if you’re a big fan of Bruce’s solo work and want to relive your concert experience (or, as in my case, the concert experience that never was), then I suggest you pick this one up. But if you’re not a fan of live albums, your money would probably be best spent on something else.


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