Theory In Practice – The Armageddon Theories

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Reviewed: November 1999
Released: 1999, Pulverised Records
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: Nathan Robinson

HELL YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The second album from these technical monsters is upon us! Anyone familiar with their debut album “Third Eye Function” will no doubt know these guys have immense talent. Some may argue that the album resembled Meshuggah, which it did. But Theory In Practice has no problem meeting or exceeding Meshuggah’s awkward timing. Plus, Theory In Practice is a bit more technical, and varies their songwriting to make their music more complicated than Meshuggah. In short, the debut album is excellent. But its follow up, “The Armageddon Theories”, blows it away!

The new album is technical as hell, going way beyond their debut! Odd timing, instantaneous variations in tempo, layered contrasting guitar riffs, and brilliant guitar leads dominate the music. These songs are so jammed packed with intensity, aggression, melody…just everything!! There is way too much here to digest in just a few listens. The vocals this time are different, sounding more like old-style death-thrash (old Kreator, Sadus) than the death grunt on the debut. This is due to departure of guitarist/vocalist Johan Ekman. He left the band to study music. Guitarist Peter Lake was left to handle the immense and intricate guitar work all by himself. Vocal duties on the new album are handled by drummer Henrik Ohlsson, and what a fine job he has done! I prefer the new vocals to the old. They seem to fit the music and lyrics better. Speaking of lyrics, I seem to find them very interesting. Especially the five-part title track: “Prophecies”, “Carnage Earth”, “Departure”, “Embryo”, and “Posthuman Era” (Phases one through five respectively). Rather self-explanatory, it’s the tale of the destruction of most of the human race. Now of course these guys aren’t the only ones to have written about such a topic, but I admire the way the lyrics were written and the phenomenal music that they’re put to.

There is no doubt about it…you need this album! This is technical metal at its best! So if you can’t handle more than three riffs per song, stay away! Both Theory In Practice albums have been released by Pulverised Records ( in Singapore. They are both very hard to find, especially the new one. I had to order the new CD direct from Pulverised Records. I urge you to get this CD whichever way you can!

But now, to throw you a curve ball, the band has changed their name from Theory In Practice to Rapture!! Get some paper and write this down! Plus, they have singed to Listenable Records, who will be re-releasing the new album soon, with new packaging and artwork! So you can wait until it’s more readily available, or buy it now! Either way, DO IT! I happen to like the artwork and packaging for the first edition of the CD. Very simple yet professional. Visit the Theory In Practice homepage for additional information – The site is a little too simple perhaps, but I am sure it’s the only one in existence for this band!


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