Substance D – Addictions

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Reviewed: November 1999
Released: 1999, Noise Records
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: EvilG

This band has no identity. Both musically and image- wise this is generic. I reviewed their first CD “Black – Substance D” about a year ago and little has changed since that time. The band still has little idea what melody is and still hasn’t learned the art of lead guitar. Most riffs are chugging and heavy but they sound too mechanical, too repetitive. Even though this isn’t melodic, at least it could be catchy or grooving like you’d expect from Fear Factory…but no, this is just oh so typical of the majority of bands coming out of the US. These guys could actually transform themselves into a good band if they worked at being themselves instead of chasing what they think will make them the next big thing. It blows my mind how so many bands on the Noise label from Europe are so great yet their American lineup pales in comparison! It’s not because all US bands are this way. There are actually bands from there that are melodic, that know how to incorporate lead guitar into their music, bands that are METAL!

Chances are, most people reading this will not be into this band. If you stumbled in here because you hope to find rants about the new Machine Head and all the other US urban noise then I’d advise you to hit the back button and goto a webzine that has nothing to do with REAL metal… that’s where you’ll find the praises of this form of “hard” music.


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