Moonspell – The Butterfly Effect

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Reviewed: November 1999
Released: 1999, Century Media
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: EvilG

Moonspell, the masters of “dark metal,” return with their newest release “The Butterfly Effect.” Type O could only dream of making something so perfectly dark as this CD! The main point to be made about The Butterfly Effect is that it represents a return to the heavier elements for the band; while at the same time forges new ground. Chances are, if you’ve already heard Moonspell and you were not into them, this CD probably won’t change your mind. However, you had better be basing your opinion on more than one or two songs as the band do not fit nicely into one style or sound. Although experimental, metal is the basis for all they do, so don’t think that because they are different that they are not metal.

Fans of Moonspell’s heavier sounds will be happy to hear that lead vocalist Fernando Ribeiro is using his “black metal” styled vocals throughout the CD. This does not at all deter from the deep melodic signing that is the main element that has separated the band from so many others. So don’t worry, there are still plenty of dark, moody and haunting emotional pieces like on the track “Disappear Here” or “Can’t Bee.” If it’s the heavier stuff you’re looking for then you’ll love “Lustmord” – a track about a serial killer who besides killing women had the odd characteristic of killing swans?!?! Then there is the CD opener “Soulsick” which despite in places having a White Zombieish feel is one of the CD’s finer moments. Whatever it is you’re looking for, chances are you’ll find some of it on this CD. About the only thing Moonspell doesn’t cover is epic power metal – that’s ok though, all bands can’t be the same! Although The Butterfly Effect is a superior album when compared to the last Moonspell studio release – Sin/Pecado, they still haven’t topped Irreligious, which is to me their best CD. Lyrically the topics here are again very deep and not your typical metal lyrics. The CD’s title itself comes from Chaos Theory (see our recent interview for more info on what some of the lyrics cover).

If your tastes are for the dark, the slightly perverse and the more advent guard form of metal, then open your mind to Moonspell. I know this CD will be making many trips to my CD player.


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