Metal Church – Blessing In Disguise

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Reviewed: November 1999
Released: 1989, Elektra
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: EvilG

\”A dusty godforsaken path, endless to my dismay. I know these are the badlands, somehow I\’ll find my way\”

This is THE Metal Church album that you just have to have in your metal collection. It\’s probably my favorite CD by Metal Church and listening back to it for me is very bittersweet. On the one hand this is an awesome CD but then on the other hand there is the sad realization that this line-up of Metal Church is no more and that vocalist Mike Howe is no longer in the band. To me he was a very important ingredient in Metal Church – his voice was amazing!! Last I heard Mike was living in Tennessee, with wife and child. Whether or not he is still belting out great metal with some unknown band I do not know.

It\’s weird to think that this CD is almost 11 years old now!! I can remember it like yesterday the first time I saw the video for the song \”Badlands\” (Yes back then you could actually see REAL metal videos on TV). \”Badlands\” is perhaps one of the better songs on the CD along with \”Fake Healer\”, \”The Spell Can\’t Be Broken\”, \”The Powers That Be\”…well there\’s honestly no crap songs on this CD – it\’s all godly. Even the semi-ballad on the CD, \”Anthem To The Estranged\” is saved by the power and emotion of Mike Howe\’s voice. Another thing that is also cool is that this CD does not sound like it came from 1989. Metal Church have always been their own band and have never tried to play what was \”in\” at the time. This CD is a testament to this fact. If this CD were released today, I still would give it a 5 out of 5…true metal NEVER goes out of style!

If you haven\’t heard this CD in a while, dig into your CD collection and pop it in the CD player, you will quickly realize that this CD really is a gem. If you haven\’t heard the CD before then do yourself a favor and find it!

Metal Church (1984)
The Dark (1986)
Blessing in Disguise (1989)
The Human Factor (1991)
Hanging in the Balance (1993)
Live (1998)
MasterPeace (1999)


No Videos Available

Track Listing:
1. Fake Healer
2. Rest in Pieces (April 15, 1912)
3. Of Unsound Mind
4. Anthem to the Estranged
5. Badlands
6. Spell Can\’t Be Broken
7. It\’s a Secret
8. Cannot Tell a Lie
9. Powers That Be

John Marshall : Guitars
Craig Wells : Guitars
Kirk Arrington : Drums
Duke Erickson : Bass
Mike Howe : Vocals


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