Bangin` Moon – Moontang

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Reviewed: November 1999
Released: 1999, Independent
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: Joe

Before I begin… Am I the only one who thinks that there\’s a sexual connotation to this band\’s name and CD title??? Or am I just too perverted for my own good??? (To those who know me… Don\’t answer that!)

Anyway, according to the band\’s page at – Bangin\’ Moon hail from Portland, Oregon and Moontang is their second CD this year. Normally, two releases in one year would be considered somewhat of an accomplishment. But when a band\’s CD only contains five songs, two releases in a year means only one thing… That the band never had enough money to record all ten songs the first time around. Or maybe they never had enough material the first time? Who knows… And who cares for that matter? Hell, I\’m just rambling.

I\’ll give Bangin\’ Moon credit for one thing… Unlike Hell\’s Felons, they actually ARE a metal band. The disc begins with \”Burning Feeling\” (No, it\’s not a song about gonorrhea.), a reasonably good, up-tempo power metal tune which is then followed by the ballad \”Departure.\” Vocalist Dan Hurtz sounds quite reminiscent of Ozzy on this track. The whole song does, actually… Definitely one of the band\’s bigger influences, which can also be rather easily heard in the next track \”Lust Not Love.\” Come to think of it, with the exception of \”Burning Feeling\”, traces of Ozzy Osbourne can be heard in all the songs. At least they show a little more promise than that Ozzy-wannabe Killer (uuggh…) Khan. All in all, Bangin\’ Moon have some interesting ideas, but none that will cause instantaneous whiplash in everyone who listens.


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