Persuader – Visions And Dreams

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Reviewed: October 1999
Released: 1998, Independent
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: EvilG

Fine looking artwork graces the cover of Persuader’s 3-song demo EP. If these three songs are an indication of what they can deliver on a full length CD them I know good things are in store for this band!

Fans of older/rawer Blind Guardian take heed – you will be into this big time! Persuader play at times power metal mixed with heavier elements. This is not the majestic kind of power metal played by bands like EdGuy or Gamma Ray. This is more straight ahead metal with power metal overtones…I guess in a way not too far removed from something like Iced Earth. Out of the three tracks none are filler – I’d be worried if it was! The opening track “Escape” is an upbeat powerful track that after a brief introduction cuts in and it’s un-relentless with very thrashy drumming/riffing. This is followed up by my favorite song on the CD “Heart & Steel” which showcases some very fine lead guitar playing. The solo in this song is totally cool and is quite long!! At the end of the solo section the lead cuts into this big ascending scale thing that sounds WAY cool – very technical yet melodic! The final track “Cursed” has some very cool double kick drumming (what’s a power metal band with out that ingredient?!?!) and don’t forget those galloping rhythms that I shall never tire of!

This is what I like to hear in up and coming bands. This kind of stuff gives me hope that new bands know what we the fans crave…pure metal!!! I’d advise you to drop by their website (see below) where you can listen to a clip from each of the three tracks on this demo CD. Since the release of this demo, the band has signed to Swedish metal label – Loud N’ Proud Records. Their full-length album will be recorded in January-February 2000 and is set for release in March/April if all goes well (and it had better!). Additional information on the band can be found at


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