H-Blockx – Fly Eyes

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Reviewed: October 1999
Released: 1999, Risk Records
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: EvilG

There’s one thing very clear here…these guys ARE NOT metal! Their picture alone would make you think that they are some sort of hip-hop shit band. But I was surprised…they’re not quite that bad – that would rate into the negative side of the scale. This band is heavy rock with influences ranging from alternative to pop punk. I can’t swallow much of this I admit. The opening track “Fly” is the most metal-like and is also accompanied on the CD-enhanced portion of this CD with a video. Why they couldn’t keep up the sound of that song throughout the CD is beyond me.

H-Blockx are surprisingly from Germany although they sound much like the trend-laden “hard” bands from America. The bands moniker comes from the name of the high-security prison blocks in Ireland in which they keep the IRA terrorists. Why they chose that for a name is kinda weird…after all this is a German band that in sound wishes they were from America. I doubt many of the readers of Metal Rules!! will care for this band. If you like some grunge, pop punk, hip-hop “hard” music, and bands like the Foo Fighters then get ready to drool over this band…otherwise don’t worry, there’s lots of other great REAL metal bands to choose from. If you want more info on the band drop by www.h-blockx.net


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