Forbidden – Forbidden Evil

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Reviewed: October 1999
Released: 1988, Combat
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: EvilG

“You’re all welcome to the church of lies…”

Forbidden have to be one of the most under-rated of the bay area thrash bands to have ever existed. Critics seem to leave Forbidden out of things and concentrate on other bands when referring to the bay area thrash scene. If you ask us fans then we’ll tell you that Forbidden are amazing!!! Even ask the bands who are still around today who were together back then and they will tell you…Forbidden rules!! For example, in a recent interview I did with Eric Peterson of Testament he said the following about Forbidden “Their first record rules! That’s a classic!”

This CD is definitive of what was cool in the late 80’s thrash metal scene. One thing that Forbidden had that many other thrash bands didn’t was a vocalist who had RANGE! Russ Anderson could belt out notes as high as King Diamond or Rob Halford yet his voice still had the hatred and venom that is a pre-requisite of any thrash band. Another ingredient that the band had that kept them above many others was melody. The blistering twin leads on this CD are mind blowing (the leads on the song “Through Eyes of Glass” are jaw dropping). These guys were like the Malmsteen of thrash metal. This wasn’t overly technical to the point where it was over your head though, just over most peoples abilities to play! haha…

My favorite tracks on the CD include “Through Eyes of Glass” with the amazing leads, “Chalice of Blood”, “Forbidden Evil” “March into Fire” and….well to hell with it… all of this CD is just so classic. Listening back on this saddens me in one way because the band has since packed it in. Most no doubt know that Forbidden drummer Paul Bostaph is now in Slayer. Guitarist Tim Calvert who was not on this CD but joined later is now in now in Nevermore. Guitarist Craig LoCicero and bassist Matt Camacho are now in Manmade God which doesn’t even come close to this masterpiece. Guitarist Glen Alvelais was in Testament for a short time a few years ago, I’m not sure what he or vocal-god Russ Anderson are currently up to. At least we have Forbidden Evil to listen to and for me it’s about the best pure thrash CD in my collection and one that any fan of thrash metal should not be without!!

1988 Forbidden Evil (Combat)
1989 (EP) Live In Eindhoven (Combat)
1990 Twisted Into Form (Combat)
1992 The Best Of Forbidden (compilation) (Combat)
1995 Distortion (Massacre)
1997 Green (GUN)


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