Angel Dust – Bleed

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Reviewed: October 1999
Released: 1999, Century Media
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: EvilG

Those who have been into metal for more than a couple of years probably remember Angel Dust from the 80\’s. Their return was in 1998 when they released their fist CD after an approximate ten year absence from the scene. Now a year after their return, with the same line-up as \’98, they have released \”Bleed\” proving they aren\’t planning on going away any time soon.

Germany\’s Angel Dust have maintained some of the sounds that garnered them attention in the late \’80s. Back then they were more thrash metal orientated but today they bring us a mixture of traditional metal and power metal. Despite being grounded in traditional metal this CD does not sound dated. Angel Dust play their own style of melodic power metal which will be loved by most fans of the genre. Unfortunately, if you\’re looking for speed metal elements, you won\’t find them in Angel Dust like in many other power metal bands. The vocals here aren\’t soaring nor are the drums relentless in their double bass pummeling. This is more straight ahead metal. Angel Dust are more laid back but still metal all the way. The album opens up with a roar with the best track on the CD and the title track – \”Bleed.\” This track is probably the heaviest on the CD next to the godly \”Addicted To Serenity\”. This is followed up by the CD\’s other strong points – \”Black Rain\” and \”Never.\” The last track on the CD is an amazing gem for any fan or Dio-era Rainbow (was there really any other Rainbow era? haha). As soon as this song came on I was saying \”man this sounds like a Dio tune!\” Then came the classic lyric…\”One day in the year of the fox. Came a time remembered well.\” It\’s none other than \”Temple of the King\” recorded in 1975 by Rainbow! Angel Dust do more than justice to this song…great job guys! Although overall this CD is cool, there are a couple of weak moments. These not so interesting songs on this CD include the sleep fest \”Liquid Angel\” and the heard it before \”Memories\” which contains the worst chorus on the album, repetitive and too rock radio friendly for my tastes.

For more information on this fine band visit Most of the site is in German, but some parts are in English. Angel Dust will release 5 cover songs as a tribute to PINK FLOYD, ABBA, SCORPIONS, AC/DC and URIAH HEEP in November 99. Why they are doing that who knows…I\’m starting to get tired of metal bands covering shit.


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