OCD – Ritualistic

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Reviewed: September 1999
Released: 1999, Organ Grinder Records
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: EvilG

I’ll admit it, hard-core metal is NOT my thing. To partially contradict that I’ll also admit to liking some of Biohazards earlier material. I don’t think that really makes me a fan of hardcore though. In fact anything with “core” in it’s name makes me wary. Taking this into consideration O.C.D. still fall short of stuff like the the aforementioned Biohazard’s Urban Discipline. It will be of no surprise to you to learn that this band emerged from NYC – home to many hardcore metal bands. Vocally this is much like Biohazard but without the diversity they offer with two singers. Very little range is offered in the vocals with one note barking being the order of the day. Like most other hardcore metal bands this is severely lacking in the lead guitar department. When there is lead guitar it’s played well but there’s not enough of it. They must keep their lead guitarist on a short leash or otherwise he’s not too much into lead playing. The riffs are in places cool as is the drumming (i.e. the outro riff of “Down” kicks some serious ass as does the intro to track 6 – Don’t Let it End). It’s the repetitive nature of many of the tracks like the CD opener “Fix Me” which will make you hit the skip to next track button. But alas, this is the genre of hardcore with it’s hallmarks of repetitive Helmet like riffing, monotone vocals, no leads….you get the idea. If this happens to be the style of “hard” music you like then by all means check these guys out, you’ll love it. Production-wise this is above average sounding with only a few places where the mix is a little loud resulting in distortion on the speakers. This is a result of the input of world renown producer/engineer Michael Wagner. For more information on this ‘soon to be signed’ band visit www.ocdmedia.com


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