Face of Anger – Faceless

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Reviewed: September 1999
Released: 1999, Noise Records
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: EvilG

Not bad but not that memorable either. That pretty sums up the feeling I have after listening to this CD. If you like bands such as Sevendust, Tool, Skinlab and Machine Head then you’ll probably also like Face of Anger. This is what some people mistakenly call the “new” style of metal. This is nowhere near as bad as the bottom of the barrel shit bands like Korn, ‘Korn’ Chamber or whatever. Face of Anger are much more interesting than that but they still fall somewhat short of the mark. They have a really great drummer who yes can actually play double kicks and the guitar riffs are solid and heavy but the guitar sound is a little muddy and downtuned. There is just something about this whole thing that doesn’t work. None of the songs really stand out from one another as the entire CD just seems like one endless song with monotone vocals (it’s pretty cool though that they have a black dude on vocals who isn’t rapping anywhere on the entire CD!!!). Even after a number of listens nothing really stuck with me as being memorable (well “Concrete Hammerhead” was pretty cool). The slapped on industrial sounds in a few places (i.e. a couple of the song intros) stand out like an afterthought that adds nothing at all to the songs. If they would remove the industrial fluff and their crossover influences and mix it up with some thrash then we’d have something quite interesting and comparable to Pissing Razors – a band that provide us with an example of this style of metal done right!

All hope then is not lost on this band. If they could heavy it up with some more intense thrash elements, remove the non-metal influences, and make the singer sound a little more pissed off then they have a chance at making more of a lasting impression, at least on these ears. If you wish to further pursue this band check out their page at www.faceofanger.com


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