Exocet – 4 song demo

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Reviewed: September 1999
Released: 1998, Independent
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: EvilG

Exocet hail from France, a place that is not renown to be a great hotbed of metal artists. From what I’ve heard of this band that generalization is not going to change with the release of this 4-song demo. The CD gets off to a very slow start with the track “Le Fleuve Noir” (or simply translated is – The Black River) which is sung…er spoken in French. The riffs in this come across as a cross betweens Dokken’s “Dream Warriors” and Iced Earth. “Winter Night” is much more promising with more of an up-tempo riff. The vocals here are like a bad copy of Moonspell, but it’s in English on this one. “Prince Akahn” starts with a cool catchy riff but is quickly ruined by the vocals. The last track is “La Forêt de la Malediction” (or – The Forest of Malediction). This has a very slow tempo and doesn’t pick up until close to the 3minute mark, not bad but BAD vocals. I can hear influences here of Maiden and a touch of Dimmu Borgir on the riffing.

The CD suffers from bad sound all over but this is not what kills it for me – it’s the vocals. I’m sure with better sound quality my impression of this would of been better because in places the guitar and bass are playing some fairly complex stuff. Either way though they really need to get someone who can sing and not talk his way through the majority of the CD making it sound like one big joke.


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