Imagika – And So It Burns (Demo 1999)

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Reviewed: August 1999
Released: 1999, Independent
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: EvilG

How much more good stuff can I possibly say about this band? I loved their first self-titled CD, I loved their second CD “Worship” even more and now I’ve been given a taste of their new material with three new songs. These guys really have their shit together and just keep on getting better. The only mind-blowing thing is WHY IN THE HELL ARE THESE GUYS NOT SIGNED?? That’s the biggest mystery with regards to Imagika for me. Yeah there are a lot of cool signed bands out there but there are also a lot of very shitty bands who are getting signed. Imagika have been working hard at this since 1994 and I think their time has come.

For those who missed the earlier reviews we’ve done of Imagika’s material check it out and while you’re at it check out our interview with their lead guitarist – Steven Rice. If reading that interview doesn’t convince you of Imagika’s sincerity and deservedness for metal glory then the proof will be in the listening. This new 3-song demo was recorded to primarily shop to labels to see if any of them have the balls to take on this pure thrash/power metal band. The demo begins with the violent “Hell” – a journey down into a pit of swirling double kick drums and brutal thrashing riffs who’s hooks will tear you to pieces. On the second track – “Evil Spites Evil” things calm down but it’s pure metal all the way. The riffs on the final track, “Purged” reminded me of a Painkiller era Priest song, only angrier. The best thing about this band for me is that it’s an instant like. By that I mean when I turn on anything by this band I’m immediately saying “YES!!” Imagika successfully tie together the thrash metal sounds of the 80’s (Testament, Forbidden, Death Angel, etc.) with a 90’s power metal sound. A bonus track was also on the demo which will be on an upcoming Dio tribute – the song being “Evil Eyes.” Anyone who contributes to a tribute for the metal god Dio is cool in my books. Imagika manage to make “Evil Eyes” sound like it’s a song they wrote while still capturing the essence of the original song.

Imagika, although lesser known, stand along side other US bands like Iced Earth and Nevermore as examples of everything that is great about the American metal scene in 1999. Check this band out now, you owe it to yourself.


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