Resurrecturis – Nocturnal

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Reviewed: July 1999
Released: 1998, Power Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: EvilG

First of all, unless you speak Italian you’re wondering what in the hell is a “Resurrecturis.” Well apparently it’s a Latin funeral inscription that means “for those about to revive”. Interesting, but still not a memorable band name in my mind. Italy’s Resurrecturis formed in 1990 and from what I’ve read about them they seem to be doing quite well for themselves in Italy’s underground metal scene. What this band attempts to do is encompass many metal musical styles – thrash, melodic death and grindcore. I don’t hear any grind in this though, mainly thrash/death metal with a minimal amount of melody. If you are more interested in reading about the band for yourself you can goto their webpage at:

“Nocturnal” begins with some pretty potent thrash riffing that would make Testament proud! The vocals pale in comparison to Chuck Billy though. The guitars and drums really drive this music with cool and at times complex thrash riffing. The songs on the CD are either hit or miss. It seems that about every second song is good. For example, track 1 “Freeze Frame” is cool building up from an interesting intro that uses a short, neat guitar lead over a riff that picks up in tempo. However the second track has weird vocals, track 3 “Fear No Evil” is again cool, track 4 “Dark Moods” has what to me are VERY silly chick vocals that just doesn’t fit this band. On the fifth cut “Born Defeated” the hit/miss pattern is disrupted by what sounds like a very bad drum machine. The song starts with a fake sounding drum machine playing at about a trillion miles an hour, a little too silly for my tastes. Next up is “No Dreams Allowed” which has a nice intro along the lines of a harmony thing that In Flames would write. It’s followed by “Isole” which again is too noisy to pick much sense out of. The vocals on this one are typical with yelling like old Max Cavelera. The last song on the CD seems like an afterthought tacked onto the end of the album that should of never made the CD. The song begins with piano and classical guitar but the vocals are way off here…kinda like a poor version of Queen.

It’s not hard to tell these guy’s influences…Death, In Flames, Sepultura, etc. Kind of typical, but there is a spark of originality and hopefulness in this band. Another thing I like about this band is that a few of the songs are actually sung in Italian! No, I can’t speak the language but to me it adds a uniqueness to the music.


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