Motorhead – Everything Louder Than Everyone Else

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Reviewed: July 1999
Released: 1999, CMC International Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: David Lee

Lemmy Kilmister must have Twinkies pumping through his veins to have as much rock and roll shelf life as he has. Tens of thousands of his musician brethren have fallen by the wayside since his raspy vocals and chord strummed bass lines first dared to piss off punks and parents alike. As the groups twenty-fifth anniversary nears Lemmy and the fella’s have decided to unleash a bit of their most current pissing power. As any good live record, this one is two discs that span the group’s entire career with a particular emphasis on material that has never been heard in a live format before. Twenty-five songs from twenty-five years and it still only feels like the beginning.

Never were truer words spoken than when Lemmy opens this concert with the line “We are MOTORHEAD and we are going to kick your ass.” Being a man of his word, Lemmy generals his troops through a barrage of “Iron Fist,” “Stay Clean,” and “On Your Feet of On Your Knees” before he even pauses long enough for the crowd to draw a breath. With a single breath having been drawn it is onto “Over Your Shoulder,” “Civil War,” “Burner,” “Metropolis,” etc, etc and so on for the rest of both discs. Each and every classic number made it into the set and the fans in Hamburg, Germany showed their gratitude by expending every ounce of their energy from the beginning to the end of the show. If you have “NO REMORSE” and this disc in your collection you have all the MOTORHEAD you will ever need, anything else is gravy on the meat.


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