Infestdead – JesuSatan

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Reviewed: July 1999
Released: 1999, Invasion Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Nathan Robinson

It seems that everywhere you go, you’re bound to hear some lame ass booming away in his car to some goddamn rap “music”. Stupid music is everywhere, and there are way too many stupid people that listen to it. Sometimes I just want to go for a cruise through a nice busy area and blast some fucken metal for all the unsuspecting, ignorant, non-metal asswipes out there. And what better choice than Infestdead?! You see what we have here is some ultra-brutal death metal from mastermind Dan Swano! Ever hear of Deicide? Well take them times two and you’ve got Infestdead! You can tell by the album title that this CD pisses all over religion and the church. Songs like “Christinsanity”, “The Burning of the Son”, “SINister”, and “Born to Burn” beat relentlessly upon Christ and his followers. This really has nothing to do with stupid people listening to stupid music, but just think of the reaction you’d get from people as Infestdead blasts from your car…blast beats, ultra-heavy guitars, and the voice of Satan!

Yes, the topic of anti-Christianity is quite old. Deicide’s proven that on their last two albums. But this stuff is played so convincingly you can’t ignore it. The songs are very well-written, and the riffs are quite catchy. Plus they have great dynamics with varying tempos. After all, Dan Swano wrote the majority of the music, so what else can you expect! Guitars, bass, and drums are also handled by Dan. I swear a drum machine was used on the previous two Infestdead releases (Killing Christ and Hellfuck), and he may have actually used one on this one, although the drums sound pretty natural. It’s almost hard to believe those blast beats and double bass come from Dan. He is a great drummer, but it’s just unexpected. The guitars have the same effect as if you were to plant your face against a belt sander! Extremely heavy! And you can actually hear the bass guitar in parts. Vocals on this album are handled by Edge of Sanity guitarist Drette (aka Dread)! Without reading the CD case you’d think it was Dan! Drette also wrote the pretty lyrics. Speaking of lyrics, they’re included in the booklet this time. Apparently on the previous releases they were too brutal to print. But what surprised me the most about this album are the lead guitars, which lacked on previous material. Enter Robert Wendelstam, who totally plays his ass off on lead guitar! Again, without looking at the CD case, you’d think it was James Murphy! Also surprising is a cover of Deep Purple’s “Black Night”! Can you believe this? Here you have nine songs for Satan, and one Deep Purple cover. I can’t comment on how their rendition compares to the original, but I will say that it shreds.

Brutal death metal freaks should not hesitate to get this disc, as it is top quality stuff. Dan Swano freaks, such as myself, should also find this of interest.


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