Hypocrisy – Destroys Wacken

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Reviewed: July 1999
Released: 1999, Nuclear Blast Records
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: David Lee

A more apt title would be “HYPOCRISY DESTROYS HYPOCRISY.” For a guy who is held in such high regard amongst his peers and fans of this style of metal you would think that Peter Tagtgren wouldn’t release such a shit album. The songs sound nearly exactly as they do on the original records only the lack of vocal dynamic is so much more apparent and annoying here. Also, the audience seems to be pasted on as an afterthought as opposed to being an integral portion of the live experience this record purports to represent.

Peter Tagtgren is an incredible talent and that talent does come across in his writing and guitar playing but this is far below his level of ability. As for the packaging, the still video shots that comprise most of the artwork are, or should be, an embarrassment to whoever designed this travesty. There are four new studio tracks that are infinitely better than any of the live material and it is highly suggested that you listen to them first if you are compelled to buy this thing at all. My suggestion, Get any of the previous albums or wait for the next one.


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