GWAR – We Kill Everything

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Reviewed: June 1999
Released: 1999, Metal Blade
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: Nathan Robinson

So you\’re sitting there at work, listening to the headphones, and a fellow co-worker on his way to the coffee pot pauses in your cubicle for a moment. \”So what ya listenin\’ to?\” he asks. \”Gwar\” you reply. \”Gwar? What kind of music is that?\” he proceeds. \”I guess you can call it heavy metal\” you answer. \”Heavy metal huh. So let me guess, they sing about killing your mother and raping your dog right?\” he prods. \”Well, uh, yes…actually they do!\” you reply.

99.5% of the time you can laugh at the ignorance of these nonmetalers and their typical ideas of what heavy metal is all about. But in the case of Gwar, they\’re right on! The first track off of the new album says it all: \”Baby Raper\”! I mean, can you get any more degenerate than this? After the disappointment felt with Carnival of Chaos, I had some doubts about this CD while looking at it sitting there on the shelf behind the counter at the record store. I decided to glance it over anyway, and upon reading the song titles, I couldn\’t help but buy it. And there are 17 tracks also. My initial thought (and hope) was that it might resemble the monumental This Toilet Earth album. But after listening to We Kill Everything, I was dead wrong!

You see, the problem with Gwar nowadays is that they\’ve ran out of ideas, and perhaps inspiration. Carnival of Chaos had its moments, but the majority of the album was rather dry. The same can be said about We Kill Everything. And on top of this, they\’ve gone back to their punk roots, wandering farther from metal. The talent of these musicians, as well as vocalist Oderus, is undeniable. Yet their compositional skills seem to be slacking a bit. Highlights on the album include: the ska-ish \”The Performer\” which sounds a little Mr. Bunglish; the beautifully melodic instrumental \”A Short History of the End of the World\” which is a more metallic song with excellent guitar leads; \”Escape From the Mooselodge\” resembling the material off This Toilet Earth; and the humor in the country-ish \”The Master Has a Butt\”, the demented \”Penile Drip\”, and the disgusting \”Fuckin\’ an Animal\”. A good portion of the other songs is straight-ahead punk rock, which I am not to fond of. Only fans of Gwar should get this CD, as it is definitely not the album to get for an introduction to Gwar.


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