Enuff Z\’ Nuff – Paraphernalia

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Reviewed: June 1999
Released: 1999, Spitfire Records
Rating: 0.0/5
Reviewer: EvilG

Rating: 0/5 (EvilG), 2.5/5 (b0b)
Reviewer: b0b (Introduced by EvilG)

Intro (EvilG):
When I got this CD in the mail I thought \”What the hell, this is that silly glam band from the 80\’s.\” I skipped through the CD to see if they had changed and yes they have but not for the better, they are hopeless. This is a boring re-hash weak rock and roll record. Needless to say I didn\’t even want to waste my time on even reviewing this one. So I didn\’t, I passed the CD along to a buddy of mine who is more \”rock\” orientated than I. His comments aren\’t much more enthusiastic than mine. Enough is enough guys, pack it in!!

b0b\’s Review:
Enuff Z\’Nuff, remember them? The name may be familiar but not the music,right? Well they just released a new album on Spitfire records called \”Paraphernalia\”. Overall it is a fairly decent disc, nothing reaches out and totally blows you away. For the most part the CD tends to lean toward the mainstream alternative genre. Personally I found the band\’s influences to be too easily noticeable, in a couple of cases they are just all out rip-offs. I won\’t get into specifics but there is still a bit of 80\’s nostalgia left with a bit of 90\’s thrown in. A good album but not a must have.


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