Witchery – Restless and Dead

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Reviewed: January 1999
Released: 1998, Necropolis Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Nathan Robinson

If you read any metal magazines, then you have no doubt heard of Witchery, whether it was a CD review, interview, or advertisement (you know, the one with the scantily clad nun). With the seemingly large popularity and coverage of The Haunted, it seems natural that Witchery (featuring The Haunted guitarist Patrik Jensen) would get some attention. In fact, Witchery also features Sharlee (Mercyful Fate) as well as three former Satanic Slaughter members.

You may have also noticed how cheesy the album cover is: Ben Wrangle, a restless skeleton, rising from his grave and giving the “W” sign with his hand. Quite an untypical piece of artwork from Mr. Art-God Kristian Wahlin! Yet this artwork fits the band perfectly, for Witchery has created an album of classic metal not meant to be taken seriously. Just listen to these song titles: “The Reaper”, “Midnight at the Graveyard”, “The Hangman”, and “House of Raining Blood”. I’m sure you can imagine what the lyrics are like!

Although Jensen writes the majority of the music, don’t expect Witchery to sound like The Haunted. Witchery play a mid ‘80’s kind of metal…it’s not really thrash or power metal…I don’t even know what to compare it to (King Diamond or Mercyful Fate maybe?). Let’s just call Witchery’s music “graveyard metal”…the kind of music that goes hand in hand with Halloween. Jensen has once again unleashed some killer riffs that range from slow and eerie, to fast and furious (but not quite as fast as The Haunted). This album has also been cursed with great production quality and sound. Add all of this to Toxine’s darkened, almost black metalish vocals and you have an album that begs you to play it at night, alone, lying down in the middle of a graveyard in autumn when the wind is blowing.

If you are METAL, have a sense of humor, and an open mind, check out this album! They had fun recording it…you should have fun listening to it!


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