Judas Priest – 98 Live Meltdown

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Reviewed: December 1998
Released: 1998, CMC
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: Pete

What can I say about this one!! Awesome, as Priest comes to bat with this double live disk on CMC International. All the faves are here, “Metal Gods”, “The Sentinel”, “Victim of Changes”, “Hell Bent For Leather.” Twenty-four tracks in all and ‘Ripper’ Owens, well this guy fuckin’ smokes!!! Check out “Rapid Fire” and “Victim of Changes” or pretty much anything on this disk for proof. No surprise why he got the job…lucky bastard!!!

Some nice surprises in the track listing, as it spans Priest’s entire career. Take the acoustic offering of “Diamonds and Rust” where ‘Ripper’ truly shines, or the rarely played “Beyond the Realms of Death.” Superb!

Sound-wise, the guitars could be up a little more in the mix, but I can live with that. The audience participation rocks!! The crowd sings along with Ripper and at times even finishing lines for him! My only complaint is the shitty artwork. What the fuck is that on the cover?!? Same with the last live album “Priest Live”. Another shitty album cover. Should of had the traditional live Priest shot – KK., Ripper and, Tipton rocking out and get the old logo back!!

For new fans this disc is a history lesson on the metal gods. For old school, it’s a chance to check out the new kid on the block and let us know he’s doing just fine. Highly recommended!


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