Fear Factory – Obsolete

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Reviewed: December 1998
Released: 1998, Roadrunner
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: Pat

The year is 2067, and machine has taken over man. ‘Edgecrusher’ is trying to escape the grasp of ‘Smasher/Devourer’ and ‘Securitron’, and this is all broadcasted on a monitor with no on/off switch.

OK, that is what I could make out of the concept with Obsolete, the new offering from Fear Factory.

In reality, the concept has Fear Factory trying to do the impossible – overcome an unimaginable amount of odds. They are unwillingly cursed to follow up one of the greatest metal albums of the last 5 years. Machine Head and Max Cavalera and have already failed to follow up a classic release, so how does Fear Factory think they can?

They probably didn’t plan on it, ‘cause it never happened! They have now joined the esteemed list of so-so follow-ups! I can almost understand how hard it would be to add to the momentum that Demanufacture built for Fear Factory. Demanufacture, the last full-length release from FF, turned the band into a heavyweight overnight. They soon found themselves gracing covers of every ‘zine imaginable as well as landing some of the best gigs around.

Sadly, they will probably remain just as popular, even though Obsolete doesn’t hold a candle to Demanufacture. Not that Obsolete is a bad release, ‘Shock,’ ‘Securitron’ and the title track all have resemblance’s to their past work, but the rest is just a wasted stab at mainstream that does a lot more harm than good!


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