Bruce Dickinson – The Chemical Wedding

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Reviewed: November 1998
Released: 1998, CMC
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: EvilG

What can you say about the godliness of Bruce Dickinson? What can you say negative about him…not very much!! We’ve all forgiven him for his mediocre Skunkworks stuff and for the fact that he lopped off his hair (he should grow it back though…haha).

If you heard and loved Bruce’s previous CD, 1997’s “Accident of Birth” then you will also go absolutely nuts over “The Chemical Wedding.” Bruce really is a vocal god!!! With these last two CD’s he’s really proven that he hasn’t lost a thing, in fact this is every bit as as good as classic Maiden!! There’s not allot of difference to me between Bruce’s last two CD’s. “The Chemical Wedding” thankfully still features the talents of guitarists Adrain Smith and Roy Z. There are more down-tuned guitars making it sound in places a little muddy/dirty. It’s on songs like “The Tower” and “Book of Thel” where you will really stop and say “holy fuck this guy is amazing!!” The chorus alone to “The Tower” is breath-taking. It’s not only the vocals that blow me away it’s also the music, the lyrics and even the imagery used for the CD’s graphics. All the artwork was originally painted in the 16th-18th century which really adds to the overall experience of “The Chemical Wedding.”

Clearly one of the best releases of 1998!! If you haven’t heard this CD yet then drag your sorry ass out from behind your computer and goto the store and buy this CD ASAP.


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