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Reviewed: October 1998
Released: n/a, n/a
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: EvilG

Rating for both: 2.5/5 for 1998…however if I was reviewing this in 1984 I would of given them both 5/5 haha

When I was but a young metal maggot in the early to mid-80’s I would of loved Steel Assassin. J E S U S, just looking at their picture makes you think – “metal gods”…black leather, steel, spikes and songs all about swords, hell and invading barbarian hordes! This band had it all. So what happened? Why is this being released today? Well it’s quite simple, it was never properly put out in the first place! They did have a song on Metal Massacre volume VI that supposedly makes them legendary, but other then that this is their CD. The band is unfortunately no longer together but the CD can be picked through GME. If you have come from the past in a time machine please bring this back with you, or if you have lived in a time capsule get out your leather and your spikes and “blow your speakers…with rock-n-roll!” 🙂

Seriously though I can appreciate this, but only because I’ve been into metal for so long. Putting this on was definitely a trip to a past when metal ruled supreme and everyone wore those black rock shirts with the white 3/4 length sleeves and all in all thought they were pretty bad ass. This is recommended for metal maggots (like myself) and for those with a passion for classic heavy metal. Fans of the 80’s incarnations of Mercyful Fate, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and Manowar should take a listen to this CD. If you’re strictly into 90’s metal you might not get it but for some reason I doubt that Steel Assassin would care.

So now that you’re all wondering “where are they now?” well the bassist from Steel Assassin (Phil Grasso) has a new band out called “Madd Hunter.” Phil is clearly a dedicated individual to the metal cause. He plays all the bass and guitar on this CD as well as singing all the vocals and is the songwriter! Whew…lotsa work for one man and sounding pretty damn refined considering it was done all by one person. Only the drums is left to Barry Spillberg (ex-Wargasm). Madd Hunter could of been Steel Assassin’s second CD. This time out the production is much better as is the mix but the sound is unmistakably 80’s! If you liked Steel Assassin then for sure you’re gonna want this CD as well.


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