King Diamond – Voodoo

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Reviewed: July 1998
Released: 1998, Metal Blade
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: EvilG

Aw, gold ‘ole King Diamond. You can count on the King to deliver, whether it be with Mercyful Fate or his solo band with the amazing Andy La Rocque on lead guitar. King’s new CD Voodoo is in my mind the best material he’s done since Abigail (my personal favorite). His last couple of CD’s (Graveyard and Spider’s Lullaby) although good, were not up to Abigail’s high standards. But Voodoo is on par with Abigail. King’s vocals are better than ever and he show no signs of letting up, especially considering he is keeping two bands on the go releasing an album almost EVERY YEAR!!! This guy works for a living, unlike some unmentionables who wait 4-5 years between CD’s. Currently Mercyful Fate and the King Diamond band are both on tour together!

The CD’s best tracks are “LOA House” – love the intro riff with the double kicks wow, very reminiscent of the Abigail stuff, as well as “A Secret” featuring probably the best vocal delivery (King’s high and low vocal lines blend beautifully) and most reminiscent chorus on the CD.

There are a few new guys on the CD – I don’t know what “Graveyard” King digs these guys out of, but he has always surrounded himself with great musicians. However, it’s King and La Rocque that make this band. King himself is credited with the lions share of ALL the song writing credits.

Well that’s all I can say…Looking forward to finding the new Mercyful Fate SOON, still hasn’t showed up here!!!


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