Blind Guardian – Somewhere Far Beyond

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Reviewed: July 1998
Released: 1992, Virgin
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: The Wildman

From the beginning to the very end, Somewhere Far Beyond is a mix of acoustic & electric guitars, double-bass drumming, and the sing-a-long vocals that Blind Guardian is known for. On whole, this is a good CD but there is something that prevents it from being great.

Songs like Journey Through The Dark and Quest For Tanelorn are typical Blind Guardian but they lack the a musical spark that prevents them from shining. They should be great songs as Hansi & Andre know the formula for good songwriting, but they are kind of just okay. There is nothing special about these tracks that make you want to just listen to them over and over.

However there are songs like The Bard`s Song – In The Forest; an amazing acoutical piece about a middle earth and it`s races and The Hobbit, a upbeat and well-played (not to mention amazing harmony choruses) song that tells the tale of Tolkien`s book of the same name.

There are a couple of short songs, Black Chamber and The Piper`s Calling, that only serve as intros to the following songs and to be honest, there really is no need for them to be there. The Piper`s Calling is a bagpipe piece and it`s really quite an annoying as it follows the beautiful piece, The Hobbit, it just seems out of place. Black Chamber isn`t as bad but again it seemed to serve no purpose.

The CD ends with the title track. Somewhere Far Beyond is an eclectic mix of metal songs combined to make a interesing piece of music. Again, Blind Guardian offers the listener a chance to sing-a-long with them on the chorus and the music has more than enough melody and rhythm that you just kind of want to tap your fingers to the music. You may even find yourself humming the chorus when you least expect it.

Somewhere Far Beyond offers enough variety to warrant owning but it`s not the kind of disc that I find myself leaving in my CD player for long amounts of time. A true Blind Guardian fan should own this but for the casual metal listener, I would suggest trying one of the bands other CDs first.


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Track Listing:
1) Time What Is Time
2) Journey Through The Dark
3) Black Chamber
4) Theatre Of Pain
5) The Quest For Tanelorn
6) Ashes To Ashes
7) The Bard\’s Song – In The Forest
8) The Bard\’s Song – The Hobbit
9) The Piper\’s Calling
10) Somewhere Far Beyond
11) Spread Your Wings
12) Trial By Fire
13) Theatre Of Pain (Classical Version)

Hansi Kürsch – Vocals & bass
Marcus Siepen – Guitars
André Olbrich – Lead & rhythm guitars
Thomen Stauch – Drums