Suicide Dream – Many Shades of Black

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Reviewed: February 1998
Released: 1998, Independant
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: EvilG

Suicide Dream are another band that doesn’t fully serve up what I expected. I was told that if I was into Puppets era Metallica and the like that I’d probably get into this. It sounds like these guys have listened to that style of music (along with some Maiden), however it’s not as polished, sounding more like a garage band in the early stages of honing their craft. The sound quality also takes away from the overall impression. The drummer’s kick drums may as well be cardboard boxes, the bass is non-existent, and the guitars although VERY well played sound like they were miked from inside Oscar the grouch’s garbage can. A final thing that makes this recording sound amateurish are the vocals – off key, un-inspired and non-aggressive. The guitarists do shine, showing off their ability to write great melodies and harmonies. With more practice, and improved vocals, this band will surely produce something of note.

Since I feel that this band has something going for it here’s a break down of what you can expect from each song:

“Eulogy of the Human Race”: Definitely not the song I would have picked for an intro as it’s one of the weaker tracks, cool fast double kick part for the bridge (?).

“Darkest Night”: Really bad vocals on this one, takes away from the catchy intro/main riff. Really neat double harmony part 1/2 way through, reminiscent of Slayer’s double harmony stuff found on their first CD.

“Dying Dream” Demo filler material, shouldn’t have made the cut. Only point of note in this song are the solos – excellent sense of melody.

“Black Earth”: Great melodic intro riff, then fizzles out.

Iron Maiden galloping riffing (The Trooper) in “White Angel” (outro solo sounds like a bad rendition of Metallica’s Fade To Black outro solo – c’mon guys!)

“Voiceless Dreams”: part way through has a really neat double harmony part, this is by far this band’s shining point!! Concentrate on these ideas more guys!


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