Deranged – High On Blood (remaster)

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Reviewed: January 1998
Released: 1998, Regain Records
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

This is another re-mastered release from Regain Records, this time it’s the second album “HIGH ON BLOOD” from the Swedish death metal veterans. Just like the other re-released items from Regain this album has been deleted from the record stores for a very long time. There are some bonus tracks on this album, its two new recordings by some songs from the old versions of this album. The songs are “Razor Divine” and “By Knife…” so this new release has 13 songs instead of the old version that contained just 11 tracks.

Deranged recorded the album \’97 in the well-knowned Berno Studio in Malmö, Sweden. They also did the bonus track recording in Berno and it’s produced by Berno and the band. Johan and Rickard have written most of the music and Rickard has also written most of the lyrics. Even though the info note says that this is death metal I think that this is more death/grind with growling lead vocals. Fredrik doesn’t sing so much with his ordinary voice at all on this album. It goes extremely fast all trough the record and it’s no tendencies of any melodic parts at all. Johan is very skillfull on guitar and Rickard behind the drums keeps up the speed all trough the album. If you like death/grind you should check out this re-release. This is not bad at all, especially not if you’re into extreme music. But personally I think that growling lead vocals can be a bit tiring when there’s no variation in the voice at all. Deranged is all very competent musicians, they have some very well written material on the album.

This album is the last record from Regains re-mastered series and this is also one of the oldest albums that Regains release.


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Track Listing:
Razor Divine
Humanity Feeds On Filth
(Eroti) Kill
Raised Human Sin
High On Blood
Robber Of Life
Nailed Ejaculation
By Knife…
Haunted By Natural Danger
With The Silence Come Horror
Experience The Flesh
Bonus Tracks \’03 Versions:
Razor Divine
By Knife…

Fredrik Sandberg – Lead Vocals
Johan Axelsson – Guitar
Dan Bengtsson – Bass
Rickard Werman – Drums