Dimension Zero – Penetrations From The Lost World EP (Remaster)

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Reviewed: January 1997
Released: 1997, Regain Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

This is the first MCD with Dimension Zero from \’96 recorded in Studio Fredman by the famous producer Fredrik Nordström. Now it’s re-released by Regain Records and it contains bonus tracks and live songs taken from their first live shows in Japan when they was support to Sodom, that makes the MCD a real album with 11 tracks. After \’96 nothing much happened with the band until \’01 when they recorded their debut “SILENT NIGHT FEVER”. The two bonus tracks are the ones who didn’t make it on the debut. They were recorded in Phlat Planet and produced by Anders Fridén and the band. One of the bonus tracks were put on the Japan release of the album. The five bonus tracks are live songs taken from Osaka, Nagoya and Tokyo, Japan \’02 where 4 became 5 when D. Antonsson on guitar joined the band. On the four first songs they have guitar solos which they have taken away on the debut.

Dimension Zero is a side project by the In Flames guitarist Jesper Strömblad and ex- Marduk singer Jocke Göthberg. On track 1-6 Mr. Strömblad plays guitar and not bass. Mr. Göthberg has written all of the lyrics except for the Beatles cover “HELTER SKELTER”. Ljungström/Strömblad has written the all of the music except for “EVERLASTING NEVERNESS” and of course “HELTER SKELTER”.

The band plays brutal/hard/fast death/trash metal and it goes really fast. Sometimes it goes so fast that Mr. Göthberg hardly can keep up his singing with the rest of the guys. He sounds really angry when he sings; there are some similarities with Marco from The Haunted and L-G from Entombed. The music is very complicated and technical and but there are also some calmer parts in the songs. I think that you can sense some hints of heavy metal and the guys does some really heavy guitar riffing throughout the record.

If you like death/trash you should definitely check this out, or if you think that In Flames has gotten soft on their last album “REROUTE TO REMAIN”. Album 2 with Dimension Zero is expected sometimes during the autumn. I also recommend their first album “SILENT NIGHT FEVER” that album is a real masterpiece in my opinion.


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Track Listing:
Through The Virgin Sky
Dead Silent Shriek
Forgotten.. But Not Forgiven
Everlasting Neverness
Condemned (bonus track)
Helter Skelter (bonus track)
Silent Night Fever (live)
Not Even Dead (live)
The Murder-Inn (live)
They Are Waiting To Take Us (live)
Through The Virgin Sky (live)

G. Ljungström – Guitar
J. Strömblad – Bass
J. Göthberg – Lead Vocals
H. Nilsson – Drums
D. Antonsson – Guitar