D.A.D. – Psychopatico

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Reviewed: January 1997
Released: 1997, EMI
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

This is a double live album from the incredibly long Simpatico-tour they did. It’s also the last tour with the original drummer Peter Jensen before he left the band. To make the album a bit more attractive they have featured a new studio song, the Christmas song “Jacketless In December”. As usual when it comes to live songs the most material on the album are from their latest studio record SIMPATICO. It’s not a live album from just one concert, it’s taken form several shows on the tour like The Roskilde festival, Midtfyn Festival, Valby, Skanderborg and Nuuk on Greenland, in other words it’s mainly from their home country Denmark. The producer Nick Foss has done a great job producing, you can’t hear that it’s taken from different shows, it sounds like it’s just from one.

CD 1.
It all begins with the title track from the album SIMPATICO that continues into next song “Empty Heads”. That one is a bit slower than the party rock song that opens up the album. Because mostly of the material is taken from Denmark Jesper talks Danish between the songs. Jacob impresses on guitar as always and Jesper has an enormous depth and strength in his voice.Then comes a fast version of the classic song “Bad Craziness”. Jacob and Stig helps out on b-vox here and also the ordiance sings along pretty good. “Grow Or Pay” kicks off and in this song the ordiance sings so loud that you can hear exactly what they are singing. This is more of a ballad and Jakob has a guitar solo in the middle. At the end of the song everyone stops play and Jakob shows of what he can do on guitar. The next song is also a real classic one from their first album, the song is “Riding With Sue” with Stig on lead vocals, Jesper helps out in the chorus on back up vocals. This is one of the songs that they HAVE to play, it’s a real classic that I’ve seen on every tour with them. The next song is “Hate To Say” also a slower more melodic tune. In the second chorus Jesper says that the crowd should sing the chorus which they do at once. The next song begins with Jesper saying the same thing he’s been saying since \’89 when I started to see them live “I Won\’t Cut My Hair”. CD1 closes with a new song but in a different version than on SIMPATICO, it’s called \”Cloudy Hours”. That’s a melodic hardrock song.

CD 2
Kicks off with the pretty bad song “Reconstrucdead” and “Written In Water” from the most boring album that the band has done so far in my opinion, HELPYOURSELFISH, were they tried out playing grunge which didn’t worked out at all and they were also a few years late with the grunge stuff. The following song “Black Crickets” continues were the previous song ended. Stig takes care off the lead vocals and Jesper sings only b-vox. This CD is more focused on the old classic songs and it’s not so many new songs. The only song from SIMPATICO is “Home Alone”. Then comes two songs from the album NO FUEL LEFT FOR THE PILGRIMS one of my favourite album by D.A.D, the two songs are the classic “Sleeping My Day Away” with heavy sing a long from the crowd on this song, and “Jihad”. It all finishes off with the songs that they have to close with “It\’s After Dark” with Stig on lead vocals once again and Jesper on b-vox with a lot of help from the crowd, as usual in this song. Last out on this first official live record with the band is “Laugh ‘n’ A ½” that starts out with a bit of acoustical guitar play by the Binzer Brothers before the real song starts off. The other guys in the band do not participate in this song at all. Just as in the previous song the crowd loudly helps out with the lyrics through the whole song. The bonus track “Jacketless In December” is an incredibly slow Christmas ballad, not particularly good at all.

Even though D.A.D s albums had its up and downs through the years they still haven’t done a bad gig as long as I’ve seen them. They are really hard to beat live. This is an incredibly strong live album with a good mix of old classics and new songs so far. This is a very good record from one of Denmark’s best band ever in my opinion.


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Track Listing:
CD 1
Empty Heads
Bad Craziness
Grow Or Pay
Riding With Sue
Hate To Say….
I Won’t Cut My Hair
Cloudy Hours

CD 2
Black Crickets
Home Alone
Sleeping My Day Away
Written In Water
It’s After Dark
Laugh ‘n’ a ½
Jacketless In December (studio)

Peter Jensen – Drums
Jakob Binzer – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Stig Pedersen – Bass, Backing Vocals
Jesper Binzer – Guitar, Lead Vocals