Abhorrent – Rage

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Reviewed: January 1997
Released: 1996, Independant
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: EvilG

In 1991 Abhorrent formed and soon after recorded a demo tape. Thanks to the positive reviews this demo received the band began to take things more seriously. The band were next featured on a compilation CD that lead to their being invited on Brazilian MTV. Finally in 1996 they independently recorded and released Rage.

Brazil’s Abhorrent have less in common with Sepultura than they do with San Francisco’s Forbidden. Their CD is 100% pure thrash. At times it does sound a little tired and un-inventive but these guys do have the talent. The last song on the CD “Face of Terror” is perhaps the most inventive. Most songs bang along at the same pace with typical thrash riffing and a Russ Anderson type vocalist belting out the tunes (without the same range).

Even though there is nothing really new here, Abhorrent are still enjoyable. I’ve heard the CD several times and I am not at all bored with it. Just because its covered ground does not mean that its not good. The introduction to the CD is all acoustic which is quite impressive. This is followed up by songs like “Eternal Doubt”, “Prelude of the End”, and “One Step.”

Abhorrent are:
Robson Aldeoli – Vocals
Ricardo Thomaz – Guitar
Marcus Vireoli – Guitar
Leandro Soares – Bass
Fabricio Cinelli – Drums


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