Genetic Defense – Transmission of the Subsonic

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Reviewed: September 1996
Released: 1996, Independant
Rating: 2.7/5
Reviewer: EvilG

From the sun scorched city of Phoenix Arizona comes Genetic Defense with their 7-track demo Transmission of the Subsonic. This quartet is comprised of drummer Patigustov, guitarist Andrew, bassist Ronald, and guitarist/vocalist Henry. Each band member are from different states but they happened to meet up in Phoenix. I asked Henry what the name Genetic Defense meant in terms of the band. Henry said “It’s a built in defense mechanism in animals like a snakes venom or a skunks smell.” A little tongue in cheek humor is found on the cassette insert. It says “recorded and mixed in Roswell, NM.” Maybe these guys have been watching a little to much X-Files?

So onto the review. It may seem unfair to sum up in a couple sentences what a band has pumped hours of time and effort into…but here goes. The bottom line is the sound quality is good, the riffs are great, the drums are great, the leads are either un-imaginative or non-existent, and the vocals are thin and weak. The guitar riffs and the guitar sound is reminiscent of a cross between Fight and Obituary.

Imagine taking Obituary’s sound, de-tuned and thick, and playing a Fight song and you’ll get a small idea of what some of this demo sounds like. This is strikingly obvious on the song “Stone Man.” According to Genetic Defense’s homepage C.O.C. and Korn (YUCK) are two of their biggest influences. However, I did not find this evident in their music at all. GD have yet to play for any big-name bands, just bands on their level. To get to the next step I believe the thing that the band needs to seriously examine is the vocals. Vocals can make or break a band. The music could be amazing but if the singer is bad then it is quite possible that no one will ever notice.


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