Ominous – Sinister Avocation Demo 1995

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Reviewed: August 1996
Released: 1995, Independant
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: EvilG

The Ominous 3 Song Cassette / Sinister Avocation Demo is simply put – totally killer!!! This Swedish band delivers. Unlike most of the thrash bands that have watered themselves down in a futile attempt to sound “90’s”, Ominous achieves the 90’s sound without losing any of the heaviness or sounding dated. The band’s stronger influences seem to be acts like Forbidden and Slayer. Ominous, now an unsigned band, have their demo Sinister Avocation available. With any luck their new material will make it’s way onto a CD, hopefully thanks to a record contract.

Track #1 on the demo, “Devastation”, opens with a very intense riff. After that the song slows down to a traditional thrash pace. The chorus has an interesting echo effect on the vocals. Next is the title track “Sinister Avocation” which is my favorite. The verses are sung fast in the style of Dittohead (Slayer), or one of Testament’s older fast songs from The Legacy. Then is the bridge which sounds very much like a section of Annihilator’s ‘Alice in Hell’. The chorus is one of the most memorable I’ve heard in a long time. Believe me it’ll have you screaming out “Fear, filled, eyes…Finding no escape. One, more, falls,…A victim of a rape.” Deadly stuff huh? The last song on the demo is “Face The Pain.” The track begins with a riff that sounds slightly comparable to Exodus’s ‘Toxic Waltz’, which quickly changes then reverts back as it enters the verse. Face The Pain also has an interesting chorus. The way the song breaks from the slower verses into the faster chorus sounds way cool!!! Under the chorus are double kicks that really stand out. The only problem with the song is that it repeats the first verse later in the song.

The highlights of this CD are the drums AND vocals. All their material is very well constructed, memorable, and the riffing is great. While the solos are VERY well played they are kinda tame. I would of liked some totally insane solos over the faster riffs in the songs to spice things up. The second solo on the song ‘Sinister Avocation’ is kinda like this, probably because it’s the only solo on the demo played by Johan. The band could make fuller use of their two lead guitarists. Soren plays most of the leads while Johan only plays one solo. it’s kinda hard to form an opinion on only three songs!! With time (i.e. on their forthcoming CD) they’ll hopefully play off one another more, possibly adding some harmony, and back to back leads. Both seem to have different styles, so I hope they take full advantage of this.

The Players:
Pontus – Vocals
Soren – Guitars
Johan – Guitars
Jocke – Bass
Morten – Drums


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