D.I.M. (Diabolos In Musika) – Natural Needs

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Reviewed: December 1995
Released: 1996, Independant
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: EvilG

It is unlikely that very many of you have heard of D.I.M. so for those that have not here is a little background info on the band. They were founded in Bergen, Norway in 1992. The band members consist of: Oliver Weers-Eide (vocals), Ronny Heimdal (guitars), Zsolt Meszaros (drums), and Fritz A. Aga (bass).

D.I.M\’s debut album, \’Natural Needs,\’ contains fourteen tracks of amazing musicianship. D.I.M. manage to incorporate several musical styles including: metal, progressive metal, funk, and jazz. Most songs are sufficiently heavy to keep metalheads like myself more than satisfied. However, on one or two songs they manage to get a little spacey. The only other criticism I can make, is that the band\’s name, which means the devil in music, would make you think that D.I.M. are in some way a death metal band. This is in no way true!

One of D.I.M.\’s strongest points is singer Oliver Weers-Eide. He has the ability to sing in several voicings which can be heard throughout the album. Guitarist R. Heimdal, has a unique style, slightly similar to Steve Via, making D.I.M. sound akin to Dream Theatre. The only other bands that I can slightly compare D.I.M. to is Damn The Machine and perhaps a heavier Extreme.

I was really surprised by both the musicianship, sound quality, and the song writing ability displayed on Natural Needs. This CD easily has the potential to break D.I.M. out of Norway, exposing them to the outside world. I am confident, that given the right breaks, D.I.M. could become well known to those of us outside Norway.


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Track Listing:
1. Interpassive
2. Got to Got to
3. Dig This
4. Kathmandu
5. Luther
6. Tribal Serenade
7. Warzone / Harmonic Profanity
8. Methods & Talents
9. If You Take Me…
10. Disorder
11. Live\’s Alive
12. Thinking Wondering
13. Gradually Going \”Agurk\”
14. Hör Doch Auf Zu Klagen

Fritz A. Aga Bass, Keyboards, Samples
Zsolt Meszaros Drums, Percussion, Sequencer
Ronny Heimdal Guitars, Keyboards, Sequencer-Programming, Samples
Oliver Weers-Eide- Vocals


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