Pretty Maids – Screamin\’ Live

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Reviewed: October 1995
Released: 1995, Epic
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Anders Sandvall

This is a live record taken from a Pretty Maids gig they did at the amusement park Tivoli in Copenhagen Denmark in 1995 on the Scream tour. I think it’s the first live record Pretty Maids has released. The production is brilliant.

Many of the 14 tracks on Screamin´ Live are from the album Scream, but they also plays some classical tunes. Such as “YELLOW RAIN”, “SAVAGE HEART”, “LOVEGAMES”, “FUTURE WORLD”, “BACK TO BACK” and the cover “PLEASE DON’T LEAVE ME” here is all ways the sing a long thet Mr Atkins invites the audience to sing whit him as the band allways do.

The tracks taken from Scream are “PSYCHOTIME-BOMB-PLANET-EARTH”, “RISE”, “SCREAM”, “NO MESSIAH”, and “WALK AWAY” the same in is on Mr Atkins invites the crowd to sing here as well. And as usual it’s Mr Hammer and Mr Atkins who has written the lyrics and music to all the songs, except the cover “PLEASE DON’T LEAVE ME” that is written by Phil Lynott and John Sykes.

Pretty Maids plays 80’s melodic hardrock and they sound as strong on record as they do live. Mr Hammer is extremly good on guitar and Mr Atkins has an amazing broad vocal range.

Screamin´ Live is a really strong live record. The only minor thing is that when Mr Atkins is talking Danish between the songs, it can be hard to understand what he is saying as I am from Sweden. Unfortunatly when Pretty Maids tour it is only in Denmark, Japan and Europe, not in the rest of Scandinavia, that’s a bit sad.


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Track Listing:
Psyco Time Bomb Planet Earth
Rock The House
Walk Away
Yellow Rain
Sin Decade
Savage Heart
No Messiah
Please Don\’t Leave Me
Future World
Red, Hot and Heavy
When it All Comes Down

Ken Hammer – Guitar
Ken Jackson – Bass
Michael Fast – Drums
Ronnie Atkins – Vocals