Skid Row – Subhuman Race

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Reviewed: June 1995
Released: 1995, Atlantic
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: EvilG

From the opening notes of Skid Row\’s new masterpiece you know that your money has not been wasted. The vocal melody to \”My Enemy\” grabs you from the beginning. Baz\’s vocals have improved (I didn\’t think it possible) opting for a harder, more mature, sound. Gone are the sappy ballads and cheesy titles that got them radio recognition. Songs like Beat Yourself Blind, Bonehead, Subhuman Race, and Medicine Man elaborate on a side of Skid Row hinted at on the groups last album, Slaves to the Grind. Maybe another tour with Pantera will make them even more heavy? However fear not those fans of Skid Row\’s more melodic side, there is still an element of melody and emotional song writing to be found on the newest album. Check out Eileen, Into Another, and Breakin\’ Down…all attest that they can both keep up with any of the 90\’s heavier radio bands, as well as surpass them. So if you haven\’t already picked up this CD, do so! It kicks! If you don\’t own ANY Skid Row CD, I recommend you start with Slave to the Grind first though then their first self-titled CD (now a classic).


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Track Listing:
1. My Enemy
2. Firesign
3. Bonehead
4. Beat Yourself Blind
5. Eileen
6. Remains to Be Seen
7. Subhuman Race
8. Frozen
9. Into Another
10. Face Against My Soul
11. Medicine Jar
12. Breakin\’ Down
13. Iron Will

Sebastian Bach Vocals
Rob Affuso Drums
Rachel Bolan Bass
Dave Sabo Guitar
Scotti Hill Guitar


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