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Reviewed: May 1995
Released: 1995, Independant
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: EvilG

Reviewed: May 1995 (as originally seen in the newsgroup alt.rock.n.roll.heavy)

Although many of today\’s newer death metal bands are just a poor rehash what has already been done (ie. one Deicide or Morbid Angel…is enough!), QUO VADIS manage to overcome this problem.

Certain ideas and voicings on this demo make it unique: an opera singer, piano (check out the intro to Vital Signs), clean guitar (on Sans Abris), and two vocalists with different styles. In my opinion the clean guitar parts are one of the highlights of the demo as they add a mood and texture to a style of music that is often one-sided. The leads are also melodic and enjoyable, fitting over the music perfectly. The solo in Vital Signs is REALLY good, especially how it starts with just the drums accompanying it. The drumming is also superb, I found it interesting to hear double kicks over a clean guitar part (near the end of Sons of Greed)…it sounds cool!!

Unfortunately, here and there the demo has certain vocal parts that could have been off of Deicide\’s Amon Feasting the Beast demo. This is largely due to the vocals and the phrasing of the lyrics. However, this does not hold back the demo at all. The two vocal style is best heard on \”Sons of Greed.\” One vocalist has a really low growl voice (similar to Disciples of Power) and the higher voice is a cross between Deicide and Carcass. When the opera singer cuts in on the track \”Sans Abris / Sadness\” it reminds me of old Celtic Frost when they used a female opera singer.

QUO VADIS is a band that has the potential to carve out its own niche in an overcrowded genre of music. Bands like QUO VADIS ensure that this form of music will not wither and die due to stagnation. Their song ideas and textures make their demo a promise of better things to come. With better production (the vocals are too loud in the mix) and refined song writing skills in this vein of music, QUO VADIS could become one of Canada\’s best acts.


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Track Listing:
1. Neurology
2. Sons Of Greed
3. Vital Signs
4. Sans Abris
5. Sadness

Arie Itman Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards
Bart Frydrychowicz Vocals, Guitar
Yanic Bercier Drums, Vocals
Remy Beaucahmp Bass


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