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Masterplan and Hellfueled live at KB in Malmö Sweden PDF Print E-mail
Contributed by Anders Sandvall   
May 22, 2007

Special Guest to Saxon
Support act

11/5 – 2007

Reviewed and pictures by: Anders Sandvall



The tour package including Saxon/Masterplan and Hellfueled landed in Malmoe and Kulturbolaget and of course took I the chance to once again see three of my favorite bands with Saxon as the all time high act. This was the last show the package did on Scandinavian soil before the tour continued their quest in the rest of Europe.

I was there to watch and review Masterplan and Hellfueled and because of the night club that should start after the show it all began pretty early for once.


Hellfueled were scheduled to be on stage at 19.30 and their show started a little earlier and they initiated the night with the song “Rewinding Time” which is taken from their brand new album MEMORIES IN BLACK which is due to be released a little later this year.

Hellfueled only got 25 minutes to play so this was maybe more of a showcase than a real show. Amongst the songs they played they also did another new song called “Master Of Night” and both the new songs sound really promising. The band felt solid and they ended their part with my personal favorite “Midnight Lady”. Even though they only played for a really short time they made a great impression but again, these guys have never let me down so far.

Set list

Rewinding Time
Can’t Get Enough
Let Me Out
Master Of Night
Midnight Lady


Then came a 15 minute break where the roadies changed the gear and Masterplan went on stage. The band are touring for their new album MK II which is an album that didn’t impress me so it was fun to see if the songs maybe could work better in a live situation.


The set kicked off with the song “Spirit” and you could already notice that the guys wouldn’t let anyone kick them off stage. Masterplan came out with a huge confidence and delivered the songs brilliantly and they sure showed everyone that doubted their capacity wrong.


Lead singer Mike DiMeo had what it seemed an impossible task to fill Jorn Lande’s shoes did an amazing job on stage and he impressed me big time this evening.

Another newcomer in the band is the big little drummer Mike Terrana and he’s something to see in a live situation. He must be one of the greater drummers in the business at the moment and a friendlier artist is hard to find.

Guitar player Grapow had toned down his Malmsteen manors which only benefit the band and the band got about 50 minutes to shine . Masterplan ran through 8 songs with one longer drum solo and guitar solo added to that. They mixed both older and newer songs but for some strange reason the focus wasn’t on the new album, instead they played most songs from the debut album.

DiMeo got the crowd going and is a great front man for sure, He had the crowd cheering, clapping and screaming for more and he had the audience eating out of his hand.

In the middle of “Soulburn” everyone went off stage except for Terrana that did an amazing and explosive drum solo. While I was watching Terrana in action two middle-age bald men got up to me and asked who that drummer was, I explained and then the guys said their must check him up a little closer. Apparently were most of the people there to watch Saxon.

The Masterplan show ended with “Kind Hearted” but when I got a set list I noticed that two tracks was excluded, it must have been because lack of time and that was the song’s “Heroes” and “Keep Me Burning"..

I think that the band could have played a few more songs from the new album, it has been out for a while now so the fans have had the time to learn them by now.

Masterplan did a solid and vital performance and did impress me a lot this evening and there was no longing for the older members that now have left the band. Contrary, I felt the band was really in harmony and it looked like they had a lot of fun up on stage. If the band can show this side of them on an album than they can be real huge in the future and it looked like I wasn’t the only satisfied fan in the crowd. I really hope that the new album sells so much that it ends up in a headlining tour.

Set list

Enlighten Me
Take Me Over
Lost And Gone
Crystal Night
Soulburn (drum solo)
Back For My Life
Kind Hearted



More info about the bands




Many thanks to Peter Ganske at AFM Records HQ in Germany for the help with press/photo-pass to this show

Thanks to the nice Mike Terrana for the help this night.

Thanks as always to the nice people at KB for nice treatment


Last Updated ( May 23, 2007 )

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